Alok Rawat

When I was planning my Goa trip with my family, I called a couple of travel agencies to get the best deal and enjoy the most. But it was only with the Future Club Choice that I not only strike a deal that matched my budget and needs but also gained the most pleasant experience. They customized my entire Goa trip with the most amazing property which entertained kids. FCC was very professional throughout my trip planning stage, when they suggested their options and kept my family’s preferences in consideration.


It was my daughter’s first beach holiday and let me start by saying that FCC made every day we spent in Goa worth it. The entire tour itself was exciting with the right mix of relaxation for me and my wife and adventure for us as a family.


By paying close attention to every detail and being willing to go above and beyond to make sure that our trip to Goa was more than just a tour, FCC made the trip incredibly simple and enjoyable. Every turn held a brand-new experience! I would also give special mention to the wonderful tour guiding service and to the amazing hospitality we received. We never once felt uncomfortable as we travelled between the many beautiful locations.

They make sure you get the best on offer and make the trip memorable.

Thank you FCC :).